Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another Day........More People

The one thing that has amazed me in this business is the amount of paper that can come across your desk and nothing comes of it. Looked at one deal today that was more of a salvage mission than anything else.............and I'll have to take a pass on that thank you. I 've learned that no good deed goes unpunished.

Had an excellent lunch meeting with an accountant out in Brampton.

Spoke with a broker who has been trying to show me a deal for 3 months but his client can't get his stuff together. I often wonder how hard it is to produce a set of financial statements in the computer age. Long story short, I passed him off to an accounting service to assist him in getting his affairs in order.

Got some additional information back from the client I am representing on a $3 million ABL deal......finally. The most amazing thing about some businessmen is that they manage to succeed in spite of themselves.......I hope to be that lucky!

Bottom line......unproductive day


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